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  Jiangsu CTP Power Co.,Ltd is located in economic developed coastal city of Wuxi in Jiangsu Province, eastern China. It mainly works on technical service items, such as below-150MW coal、biomass、waste、new energy resources etc. boiler island power generation、CHP project 、Hazardous wastes comprehensive utilization disposal project 、photovoltaic power generation project and fuel gas steam combined cycle power generation project design、feasibility research、technical development、technology consulting etc and EPC.

  The company gradually expand the business scope and scale through the experiences in various types of power generation projects in Southeast Asia for nearly 10 years and to make company be an integrated service company with design, consulting, training, engineering service as a whole. Our company is familiar with the operation mode of foreign electricity market, and is good at carrying out design、consult、design scheme and operation of various contracting system, aiming at foreign electricity market. We have designed more than ten coal-fired boiler power plants, such as North Korea Victory Power Plant 2X55MW and Indonesia Surabaya 2X30MW etc, and nearly one hundred industry boiler room general contract projects. Now these are completely put into operatio…

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